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Honeywell Safety Products USA Inc., a Honeywell Safety Products USA Inc. company was founded in 1987 to meet the protective laser safety needs of an emerging and diversified laser industry. At our inception, three primary goals were formulated to guide and focus the efforts of our service to our customers:
  • To function as a reliable, trustworthy and technically accurate source of information concerning all aspects of safety for the laser user.
  • To provide knowledgeable technical corroborative support for the determination of appropriate laser protection.
  • To provide a price competitive source for custom fabricated laser safety products manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship.
Since 1987, tens of thousands of laser users encompassing virtually every major corporate R&D institution, all branches of the United States military and its military contractors, every major University and too numerous to mention industrial or medical companies have utilized's laser safety expertise. Your SAFETY is our ultimate and utmost concern! order to be effective, laser protective eyewear must be worn.
We continue therefore to strive to offer the most comfortable, versatile, stylish and affordable eyewear available. We do not want anyone to learn laser safety by...accident. Remember, the three primary reasons for laser eye injuries are:
  1. Laser protective eyewear was available, though not in use at the time of the accident.
  2. Laser protective eyewear was available, though used for the wrong wavelength with consequent insufficient coverage.
  3. Laser protective eyewear was available, though removed to see some of the laser beam for alignment purposes.
The clear "constant" in the causes listed above which may result in eye injuries (including permanent blindness) was that laser eyewear was available. When used appropriately, laser safety products can effectively minimize your risk of injury. remains as committed today as we were at our inception to help you see the difference that quality laser safety products make. Let us help you to see the difference quality laser eyewear makes.
Honeywell Safety Products USA Inc. is the largest global company dedicated exclusively to Personal Protective Equipment. our single and core focus is protecting people. It drives our commitment to design and manufacture the most complete line of personal protective equipment that combines advanced performance, comfort and style.

Contact Us: Honeywell Safety Products USA Inc. 900 Douglas Pike Smithfield, RI 02197 Customer Service: 800-288-1164